8 Signs That Your Carpet Needs Professional Cleaning

Cleaning a carpet is a challenging task. Since every inch of your expensive carpets needs to be cleaned thoroughly, it can be very tedious. Especially if your carpets develop stains and spots over time, you need to book a professional carpet cleaning in Gainesville, Fl. Although you can always choose to DIY your carpet cleaning, it comes with a considerable risk of potentially damaging your carpet fibers irreversibly. Even if you do not end up damaging your carpet fibers, cleaning the residue entirely from your carpets can be challenging. This residue can quickly trap dirt and any lingering residue.

However, by hiring professional carpet cleaners, you can ensure that your carpets have no residual cleaning products left in the fibers. Residual moisture can lead to wet carpets that can cause mold or mildew growth that can easily harm the health of people living in your home. Professionals have access to tools and equipment that completely eliminate any lingering moisture from carpets.

Signs Your Carpet Needs Professional Carpet Cleaning in Gainesville, Fl

Although vacuuming can help clean up any dust and dirt from your carpets, knowing when your carpet needs professional cleaning is vital to extending the lifespan of your expensive carpets. Here are 8 (eight) signs that your carpet needs professional cleaning.

1. Your Carpet has Developed Stains.

One of the most obvious signs that your carpet needs professional cleaning is stains on the fiber. Cleaning their stain can be challenging if you accidentally drop a glass of red wine or chocolate on your carpets. Trying to get rid of these stubborn stains on your own can be an impossible task without causing significant damage to your carpet fibers. Therefore, your best bet for a stained carpet is to hire professionals to take care of it.

2. Your Carpet is Giving off Funky Smells

If you notice that your carpets are stinky, you first need to find its cause. Since most fabrics used in carpets can trap smells, it can be challenging to get rid of them. Whether your dog had an accident on your carpet or the scent of your cooking got trapped in your carpet, hiring a professional is the ideal way to get rid of any funky smells from your carpet as household remedies are usually not powerful enough to get the job done.

3. Your Carpet is Discolored

Carpets can be discolored over time if they are not taken care of. This holds true, especially for rugs that are monochromatic or block-colored. However, with lighter-colored carpets, you may notice different shades appearing. These are tell-tale signs that you need to hire professional help immediately.

4. Your Carpet has Mold

Mold can be highly harmful to you and your family members. Mold and mildew can appear on your carpets if they are exposed to moisture over prolonged periods. The longer you postpone a professional cleaning, the more widespread the mold infestation will become.

5. Your Carpet Looks Worn

Once your carpet starts feeling worn and has lost all the fluffiness and the plushy feeling, it is time to hire professional help. Especially in high-traffic areas, your carpets can start looking flat and deformed.

6. Your Allergies are Acting Up

Carpets can be host to a plethora of allergens. Although most people tend to link allergies to indoor air quality, your carpets can be the culprit. If you find that you are suddenly facing a rise in allergies, it’s time to call your local carpet cleaning company.

7. Your Carpet Hasn’t Been Cleaned in a Year

Since a carpet needs to be professionally cleaned at least once every year, if your carpets have not been cleaned in over a year, you should hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

8. You are Experiencing Poor Health

Carpets can be home to many microorganisms like pollen, fungi, chemicals, bacteria, cigarette smoke, and other residues that can be potent pollutants that hurt your health. You should immediately hire a professional carpet cleaning in Gainesville, Fl if you start experiencing sudden health issues at home.

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