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Posted On : March 2020

Nirav Panchani


Kerala package operators will arrange your holiday in a way that you can cover all the places and activities in Kerala. Going with Kerala packages will not only guarantee you a hassle-free Kerala holiday but it also helps you in making your holiday a memorable one.

Kerala is god’s own country. That is what it has always been called and everyone who has ever visited it completely agrees. While everyone who goes to Kerala is gaga over the backwaters this beautiful state has to offer its tourists, little ever go for the rich cultural heritage that is so unique to the state. However if you book with any of the Kerala packages, you are bound to experience this for yourself. Kerala’s roots lie extremely strongly in its cultural heritage. The beauty of this cultural heritage lies in the fact that that Kerala has always been home to a mix of people, a mix of races. It is so true when people say that diversity makes the best culture. This also rings true for Kerala.

Traditionally, Kerala’s culture is a mix of Aryan and Dravidian races, which in itself makes for an exquisite amalgamation of cultural texts. This is reflected in the state’s arts, martial arts and sportsmanship, literature and so much more. In fact, if you plan your holiday with a Kerala packages operator well in time, you are bound to witness some of these riveting cultural experiences. When you go to Kerala, there are two critical things you will find about their culture- one, is the overwhelming presence of elephants. These majestic animals are a part of their daily life and temple rituals and are considered extremely holy.

In fact, such is the popularity, that it is also the state animal. Secondly, temple festivals play a huge role in creating the culture that Kerala is popularly known for. The great thing about these temple festivals is that sometimes these festivals are associated with only certain temples, which means that each temple will have its own unique festival. So go at a time when you can at least visit 2-3 temple festival, just to soak in the celebratory mood. You have to ensure that the Kerala tours operator you choose puts these two in your itinerary. You cannot go to Kerala and not experience these aspects of the culture.


Best time to visit kerela

Overall, the best time to visit Kerala is during September to March, when the weather is pleasant, making it easy for tourists to explore the myriad facets of the state - the hill stations, beaches and backwaters. The best time to visit backwaters in Kerala is the winter season, which is from November through February.

10 Things to Do In Kerala

Kerala, a minuscule state in the neighborhood of Indian Ocean, is charming, hypnotic and blessed with heavenly beauty. Its lakes, lagoons and rivers set up an unearthly ambience that stupefies the tourists and honeymooners. Kerala tours with your friends, families and loved ones can certainly fill that void which we often experience during our mundane life. With a Kerala tourism package, you get an opportunity to chalk out a proper holiday plan so that you can make the most of your trip without missing out on the must-visit places.

Here are a few interesting things that you should do in Kerala:

1. Houseboat ride on the serene backwaters:

Perhaps nothing in the world can beat the serenity and the blissful experience that accompanies a houseboat ride on the lazy lagoons & backwaters of Kerala. It is a great opportunity to witness the river-life and the adjacent hamlets from a close range.

2. A visit to Munnar:

Munnar hill station is one of the primary reasons why the tourism in Kerala has become so popular. Munnar is noted for its cool climate, sprawling tea & spice plantations, Anamudi (highest peak of south India), Eravikulam National Park and some rare flora.

3. Visiting Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary:

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular wildlife sites in the south and a huge draw for the tourists. Chiefly noted for the gigantic Indian elephants, the sanctuary also houses other animals including leopards, tigers, Nilgiri langur, foxes, horse deer and many more.

4. Eperiencing the beaches:

Under Kerala tourism package, you can also experience the charm of the sandy, palm-fringed beaches which dot this beautiful state. Kovalam Beach is the most popular beaches followed by beaches in Varkala, Cherai, Cochin, etc.

5. Exploring Kerala:

Kerala has a very powerful native culture. Long-flowing sarees, Ayurveda, Elephants, art, dance and handicrafts complete the picture of this enchanting state. There is much to explore in this part of the world. From the charming beaches to the quiet churches to the holy Indian temples to wildlife parks to spice plantations- you will never get bored of your Kerala trip.

6. Watching Kathakali:

Kathakali is a traditional dance form that involves art of body paint. During your Kerala tours, you must definitely head for a Kathakali show in a theatre.

7. Elephant ride:

Tourism in Kerala takes pride in its elephants and mahouts (elephant trainers). It would be a real sin if you come to Kerala and do not ride an elephant!

8. Go for Ayurveda massage:

As stated earlier, Kerala is famed for Ayurveda. There are many Ayurveda parlors that offer relaxation massages. It would be really exhilarating and soothing to your body & mind.

9. Sailing at Alleppey:

Allepey has the best backwater in Kerala. Sailing down these backwaters can be an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

10. Trying South Indian food:

Kerala’s delicious cuisines particularly idly and dosa are world famous. Make sure that you taste them!


Nirav Panchani

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