A dream destination for honeymooners, Mauritius is a fantastic place where you can relish the adventures and rejoice with the nature. A favourite in the honeymoon destination list, Mauritius is tucked away amidst the Mascarene Islands. Mauritius is a slice of paradise whose very name evokes images of azure blue seas and pristine beaches.

Mauritius is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs, an Indian Ocean island nation. In the mountainous interior, Black River Gorges National Park is surrounded by rain forests, waterfalls, walking trails and animals such as flying foxes. Port Louis Capital has such locations as the Mars horse line, Sir Seeweosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens and the Eureka plantation building of the 18th century.

Best time to visit mauritius

Mauritius is best visited from May to December in mild, dry and sunny weather. Experience some of the best beaches in Africa, fresh seafood and long sunny days on a holiday in Mauritius. The island has a typical tropical climate all year round.

Places to visit in mauritius

1. Le Morne

Le Morne

Located in the south of the island, Le Morne Brabant is an almost uninhabited area. The region is mostly hotel-rounded. There you can see the Le Morne Range, a World Heritage Site, a single range that encapsulates the history of Mauritius. For the slaves, the mountain was the location of their masters ' escape. The place is filled with beautiful views across the west coast of the island and across the south.

2. Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park

The National Park spans over 6574 hectares, covering 3.5 percent of Mauritius and a wide variety of habitats, with incredible natural forests and wildlife. More than 300 kinds of floral plants live in this dense forest. Would you like to see one of the world's rarest birds? Then you can bet the national park best, as it is the home of the Pink pigeon, a bird that is almost extinct in Mauritius. For those who love nature, the National Park provides many long walking trails.

3. Chamarel


Set in Savanne region, Chamarel is a small village. Chamarel attracts many since you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful places in its surroundings-Mauritius's highest waterfall is 100 meters high and its seven-colored land. The Chamarel Falls are just as impressive as a waterfall and a perfect spot. The elevation to the viewing platform gives an amazing view, as it approaches the swimming pool 100 meters below.

4. La Vanille Crocodile Park

La Vanille Crocodile Park

The star of the show, of course, is the crocodile, but you'll also see other creatures like big fats, giant turtles, monkeys and a large array of insects. During your walk through the jungle, you can know more of the flora and fauna of Mauritius ' endangered species. Her insectarium is one of the biggest private butterfly and other insect collections in the world. And those lovely beings are a banquet to the eyes. Crocodile Curry is even on the menu in the park's restaurant. What better than to end a visit at the restaurant and have a taste of crocodile curry?

5. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

This occupies 60 acres of land, and has a variety of palm trees. It is also called Sir Seewoosagur Botanical Garden Ramgoolam. One highlight of the garden is its large lily ponds with frogs and tadpoles, bat-trees of bats with branches hanging on the shore, lakes with giant turtles and fish, and the trees planted by famous figures such as Nelson Mandela and Indira Ghandi are unforgettable.

Where to Stay in Mauritius

Planning a Mauritius holiday? It could be quite a hell of a job to find the right place to stay. But all the meticulous work is not required. We are here to send you the list of the best places to stay and to stay for your vacation in Mauritius!

  1. Grand Bay: Grand Bay will leave you shocked by all-around tourist centre, with a vibrant evening life and stunning shoreal Beach! In the northern part of the island, about 73 kilometers from the airport is this tourist village. This place is pretty warm all year round, you can always enjoy the summer weather while relaxing on the beach. You can always book one of the many apartments and villas, or you can choose one of the nearby hotels according to your preferences. It will never be an issue to find accommodation.
  2. Belle Mare: Nestled in the east corner of the island, Belle Mare is a great hideaway for relaxation. The attractive Beach of Belle Mare, together with the best resorts and villas, are situated about 47.2 km from the airport and draw many visitors in this small part of the island all year round. Properly protected by the coral reef the beach extends from the Palmar beach to the Emeraude hotel in the north, extending for several kilometers, covering the world-renowned Lux luxury resort. Here the shallow, good sandy bay and clear water are to be enjoyed. Sunbathing or swimming can be performed in the south side of the beach, which can include a variety of water activities.
  3. Le Morne: This little paradise area of Mauritius will never be enough for you. The Morne is a UNESCO UNESCO World Heritage Site with its historical and cultural heritage on the south-west coast of the island. Le Morne Brabant is a magnificent landmark on the far south west end of the island. The summit of 556 meters is complementary to the beauty of the area, which is 1.824 ft above sea level.
  4. Blue Bay: The perfect Mauritian holiday resort is located in the south-east of Mauritius, just off Mahbourg Blue Bay. The beautifully serene climate, shimmering Blue Bay Smart Beach and best preserved marine ecosystem make it well known. This lovely village offers a wonderful panorama of Ile aux Deux Cocos, a 15-minute drive from International Airport.

Mauritius Tourist Visa Information

Persons wishing to remain in Mauritius for more than 60 days are still expected to apply for a visa. At least 6 months beyond the time allowed in Mauritius, the applicant should have a passport valid. Visa may be given for a maximum stay of 90 days and for a total of 90 days with single entry.

Visiting Mauritius- Budget Estimate

  • Travel: Via Air Seychelles (Mumbai-Mahe-Mauritius), the flight was from Mumbai. Price: INR 33K / pers.
  • Stay: Resort and Spa Tarisa. Spa. I took a Travel Triangle package like Hotel Charges+Display (North- South+East)+Drop / Drop Airport = Total INR 32,000 persons
  • Ile Aux Cerf- I took a package combining for ) Underwater sea walk+Boat ride+Para Sailing= MRU 6500/2 persons Scuba Diving=MRU 2500/person
  • At La Vallee Des Couleurs (Part of South Tour)= Zipline 1.5KM MRU 1900/person+Nepali Bridge MRU 800/person