Choosing LED Lighting for Rooms in Your Home

LEDs are the latest and greatest in lighting technology. They provide an aesthetic lighting solution for your interiors as well as exteriors. However, choosing the perfect LED lighting setup for your home is not as easy as it sounds, especially without the help of professional lighting stores in Tampa, Fl.
Choose the Right LEDs for Your Home

The modern lighting fixtures offer more than just illumination to your living spaces. They can change how your interiors are perceived and how your mood is affected by it. From lowering your energy consumption to creating the perfect ambiance, LED lights for your interiors can transform how your home feels and looks.
However, not all LED lighting fixtures offer the same level of accent lighting and ambiance. In fact, every room has a different requirement, and only some lighting fixtures can meet them. Therefore, knowing what kind of light works best for which room in your home is vital in optimizing how your space feels.

Here is a comprehensive guide on LED lighting on a room-by-room basis

Dining Room

The common dining room is an area where your entire family gathers to share food. Therefore, it requires proper illumination while creating a positive ambiance. The ideal lighting setup for a typical dining room involves using LED ceiling lights that help set up the space. If your dining room has classical features, you can also add a chandelier above the dining table to increase the appeal of your space and create a theme.

Living Room

The lighting setup in a living room needs to be impeccable, as it is usually the focal point of every home. Living rooms are one of the most vital spaces in a home where the family comes together to relax, unwind or to spend their leisure hours. Therefore, this space needs a friendly ambiance that can help you relax. Ceiling lights fulfill that criteria, and they are also highly adaptive, which can be changed in accordance with the activity and mood. However, if you plan on reading a book, adding a desk lamp beside your couch can be the best way to set up a cooler-toned light in the warm ambiance of your living room.


Bedroom lights are responsible for making your room feel like a safe space for you, a place where you can be yourself and spend some quality ‘me time.’ The lights in a bedroom should be dimmable and typically should not be set at high illumination as it can be too harsh for your room. Furthermore, the use of cooler lights is discouraged in bedrooms as blue light is said to create sleep issues. Therefore, you can add lights of a slightly warmer tone and pair them with cooler-toned table lamps if you like reading or working in your bedroom.


The bathroom is another space where you can spend some ‘me time’ and perform your daily routine. Especially if you need to perform tasks like shaving or makeup, you will need lighting fixtures recessed near the mirror instead of on your ceiling area. This recessed light also offers illumination for several needs and makes the space look and feel better.

Typically, you can place a globe LED light bulb above the mirror to light up the whole space; however, you must ensure that the lights you get from leading Tampa Bay lighting stores are IP certified to ensure moisture does not get into the lights.


Since the kitchen is one of your home’s busiest spaces, it can often be overlooked when it comes to lighting. Typically working spaces in your kitchen need bright, cooler lights to help keep you alert while preparing food. Additionally, overhead LED bulbs help create a pleasing atmosphere when you are not preparing meals. Installing dimmers to your LED lighting fixtures allows you to add oomph to your kitchen.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Decorative LED lights can transform how your outdoor spaces appear and feel. The critical factor to keep in mind while installing outdoor lights are not to use any harsh lighting fixtures. Instead, you can use LED lights or string lights to help create a warm, beautiful ambiance in the outdoor living spaces.

Picking the light LED lights can make or break how your interior living spaces feel. You can combine your LED lighting fixtures with proper furnishing to take the ambiance of your home to the next level by creating proper accent and mood lighting fixtures.

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