How Do Addiction Treatment Centers Work: An Insight

Addiction can wreck the life of any individual. It can be highly detrimental to one’s personal life and finances or ruin relationships. However, all hope is not lost; you can still make a stable long-term recovery and get a fresh start. The only path toward a steady recovery is getting into a treatment program at an addiction treatment center in Florida.

What is an Addiction Treatment Center in Florida?

An addiction treatment center or a rehab is a place where people suffering from addiction to substances like drugs or alcohol get enrolled to get treatment. The treatment programs may include a combination of medication assisted treatment and psychotherapy. This also provides rehabilitation for people with addictions so that they can get it under control and make a safe, long-term recovery.

Types of Treatment Options in an Addiction Center.

Primarily, there are two major types of treatment options for people suffering from an addiction.

1. Inpatient rehab

Residential or an inpatient rehab is a form of addiction treatment that provides the individual with round the clock care and supervision. This is one of the most comprehensive forms of addiction treatment and is often the recommended way to go for long-term drug users or people suffering from a co-occurring disorder such as depression.

2. Outpatient rehab

An outpatient rehab or setting is a form of addiction treatment that allows the addicted individual to stay at their home while they frequently visit the clinic according to the mandated timings. Although the care and therapies provided are similar to that of an inpatient setting, it allows the clients some degree of freedom and thus has a slightly higher chance of a relapse.

Duration of Treatment in an Addiction Center in Florida.

A typical addiction treatment program should last 90 days to have the maximum impact. Although the entirety of these 90 days does not require you to be enrolled in an inpatient treatment setting, it is more effective. Generally, clients start with a month of inpatient treatment, and then they gradually transition into an outpatient setting based on their progress.

Since every individual’s addiction is different, the treatment programs may also vary from each other. A treatment program is usually tailor-made to fit an individual and their specific needs.

Enrolling in an addiction center in Florida does not mean you have to completely rely on their medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an essential part of every recovery process. Pairing therapy with medication to counteract the withdrawal symptoms allows professionals to correct the root cause or behavior that led to the substance abuse. These behaviors are then addressed to stop them from triggering cravings. One of the primary reasons why CBT is highly effective is that it significantly reduces the chance of a patient relapsing. All in all, rehab is one of the best ways to give an individual suffering from addiction a second chance at life.

Addiction treatment centers helps you in your life in many ways not only they support you with specific addiction but they motivates you in your life.

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