How Sati Cure the Curse of Lord Shiva

This story was about the time when Sati and lord Shiva didn’t know each other. For Lord Shiva, Sati was the only human being, and she was the daughter of a Prajapati whereas Sati was not aware of the Lord Shiva’s presence as she belonged to the Vaishnav community and was strictly protected by the Prajapati Daksh so there was a rare chance that she would know about the presence of lord Shiva. But still, she managed to undo the curse given by Prajapati Daksh to Lord Shiva. 

Who is Sati?

Sati is the daughter of Prajapati Daksh, but in certainty, she is the human incarnation of the goddess Aadi-Shakti. Prajapati Daksh did rigorous penance for many years to impress Goddess Aadi-Shakti and asked her to be born as his daughter in her next human avatar so Goddess Aadi-Shakti born as Sati so that she can marry lord shiva and live with Him eternally. Being a daughter of Daksh, she was not aware much about lord shiva because Prajapati Daksh used to hate Lord Shiva so much that he was not even ready to accept him as a god. Despite this, Sati cures the curse of lord Shiva, which was given by Prajapati Daksh itself.  

A story about the Cure of the Curse: – 

After cursing Lord Shiva, a few days later Prajapati Daksh’s other daughters Rohini and Revathi came to stay at his house for a few days with her husband, the Deity Moon. Deity Moon married 27 daughters of Prajapati Daksh but he only loves Rohini. That’s why he used to neglect his rest wives. When Prajapati Daksha came to know about the behavior of the deity Moon toward the rest of his daughters. He became so angry that he cursed the deity moon that he would slowly transform into stone and he would disappear.

Revati and Rohini both went to meet Sati to ask her for help after listening to everything Sati decided to help her sisters. So that they can save her husband’s life. At that time, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu also exploring off the cure for the curse of Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu give it a thought that since Aadi-Shakti is half part of Lord Shiva and when Prajapati Daksh Cursed Lord Shiva he hadn’t met with Sati yet. So only half part of Shiva was cursed by Prajapati Daksh. So if Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma to do worship Lord Shiva and Sati together, then this curse will be cured.

Here Sati is trying to find the solution to the curse of the Deity moon, then she got to know about Rishi Markandeya who invented the “Maha- Mritunjaye Mantra”. With the help of this mantra, Rishi Markandeya itself wins over premature death. But since this mantra is still a secret, so she needs to find Rishi Markandeya. When she met Rishi Markandeya, he told her that he cannot help her even if he wants to do because this mantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva. You worship Lord shiva and ask for his help so that premature death will not happen to you or your beloved ones. Lord shiva’s other name is “Mahakal”(God of Deity Yamraaj(Deity of Death)).  Since Lord Shiva is being cursed by your father that no one can worship him, then this is useless. But if anyhow this curse will uplift, then he was ready to help her. He writes down the mantra on Shivling and gives it to her and said if this curse is cured then you can use this mantra.

While returning home with Shivling Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, meet her on the way in the form of rishis. They both asked Sati to help them. They said that they want to worship this Shivling if she allowed them. She said I guess you are aware that no one can worship Shivling now. Lord Vishnu replied, we both know about the curse and that’s why we are asking for your help so that we can cure this curse. Sati asked them how? She will help them if they can tell her the solution. Lord Vishnu said, if you sit here and hold this Shivling into your hands, then we will worship both of you. Since this curse is given by Prajapati Daksh and you are his daughter, then only you can cure this curse.

Sati agreed to help them. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma placed an asana(mat) for her. Sati set on that Asan while holding Shivling into hands, then Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma performed the whole rituals and worshipped both of them. That’s how Sati cures the curse of Lord Shiva. Since then, Lord Shiva is being worshipped. After curing the curse, everyone gathered near the sea and there they placed the body of the deity moon too. Rishi Markandeya also joined them there and all the followers of Lord shiva reached there too. They all started chanting the “Maha-Mritunjaye Mantra” to please Lord Shiva. After some time Lord shiva came to save the life of the deity moon. Later on, the Deity moon also created the first jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva on this earth.

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