Things about Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the greatest God in Hinduism. He is the only God who is known for his anger as well as for his innocence as well. That’s why we call him “Bholenath” as well. There are so many names of Lord Shiva by which we know him. Lord Shiva Lives like a Yogi or Saint. Lord Shiva is the only lord who lives on this earth. Although the whole universe is his home, it’s a say that Hindu Lord Shiva Lives on a Kailash mountain which is in Tibbet Country at Present. Many Shiva followers visit Kailash mountain every year to find peace. Even many followers tried to climb Kailash mountain, but till now none of them succeeded.

The Appearance of Lord Shiva: –

Lord Shiva is a look-alike, a sannyasi as his other name, Aadiyogi. Whenever we talk about the appearance of Lord Shiva, our attention first goes to Vasuki perching on Lord shiva’s neck. Which he wears like a garland on his neck. Even there is also a story about why Lord Shiva wears Vasuki or Snake on his Neck? But we will talk about it later. After “Vasuki”. If we started from his head. He has heavy jatas on his head and on the right side of his head, Lord Shiva wears ardh Chandrama or half-moon on his forehead and in the center, Goddess Ganga(The Hindu Holy River)Stays in his heavy jataaye. There are three horizontal lines of Ashes on his forehead, but these ashes are not ordinary wooden ash, it’s the ash of a pyre.

In Hinduism, there is a ritual after death: the human body will burn out and become ashes, and we spill these ashes into the Ganga. There are scientific and religious reasons why we spill ashes into Ganga. But the biggest reason behind doing this is to give peace in his soul. 

The third eye of Lord shiva is in the center of these ash lines, which is a symbol of the anger of Lord Shiva. He also wears a massive rosary of Rudraksha in his neck, arms, and on his waistline. He wears the skin of a dead tiger or deer and also carries a Trishul(trident) in his right hand and a tied damru(pellet drum) on his Trishul. Damru is Lord Shiva’s favorite musical instrument.

His appearance won’t be complete without his Nandi. Nandi is a bull who carries Mahadev on his Back. Nandi is very dearest to Lord Shiva. He is like a son to him. That’s why he gave a boon to Nandi. That whenever someone said his/her prayer in his ears, it will directly reach him.

Family of Shiva: –

The first wife of lord shiva was Devi Sati, who was the human incarnation of Adishakti, and later on, she again incarnated as Parvati and married to lord shiva. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati have three children. The elder son is Lord Kartikeya, whom we know as Lord Murugan in South India. Daughter Ashok Sundari, she married King Nahush. Later, Lord Vishnu took his seventh human incarnation in her family as Lord Ram. Now our most adorable Lord Ganesha, the youngest member of this family. He has the title of the First God as well. Whenever anyone started anything, they worshiped Lord Ganesha and later on other gods.

Om Namah Shivaaye!!!!!

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