Top 10 Amazing Facts About Ujjain Mahakal Corridor

Our ancient history is linked to several battles and religious sentiments. It is a known fact that India is known for its cultural diversity, traditions, and trust in the power of God. The culture of India lies way back centuries. Soon a new place is going to be added to this list which is popularly known as the “Mahakal Corridor”. This religious temple is one of the 12 ‘jyotirlingas’ in the country. It is claimed that this Mahakal Temple was demolished by various invaders during wars which were mostly Muslims but was later rescued by Maratha ruler Ranoji Scindia & his Diwan Ramchandra Baba. 

As per sources, MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan earlier said that PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Mahakal Corridor project on 11th October 2022. This project is launched under the ‘Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive’ scheme also known as the PRASAD scheme. This is not just a project as it will demonstrate ancient tales of Madhya Pradesh and India. The plantations of various plants are done to enhance tourist attraction. 

This historical religious site will be developed as per the MP government’s plan for a “Smart City”. This corridor will also have a statue of lord Shiva that is supposed to be in the middle of Lotus Pond. The main entrance includes a Ganesh Pond with a nine-foot-tall and beautiful idol of God. Several statues in the corridor are developed to depict the religious tales of Lord Shiva and much more. This will help to engage the tourists. The Mahakal Corridor will be developed in two phases. Situated on the banks of Rudra Sagar Lake, this corridor will be known for its different other features.

Let’s Take a Look at the 10 Amazing Facts and Features of the Mahakal Corridor in Ujjain –

With different chaos in the Mahakal Corridor, it is sure that this will be a big change in the Indian religious site’s development. It is built on the ancient Rudra Sagar Lake. Mahakal Corridor is said to be four times bigger than the corridor in the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir. Claimed to be inaugurated on 11th October, here are some astonishing facts about the Mahakal Corridor in Ujjain:

1) The cost of development of this project is approximately Rs 793 crore, spread over an area of 20.23 hectares.

2) There will be 93 statues depicting the stories from Shiva Purana. To know more about the status, visitors can scan the QR code. This is done to spread religious information amongst people.

3) 108 pillars have been established, on which various postures of Lord Shiva are made. Based on the events of Shiva Maha purana, there are 25 feet high and 500 meters long red stone walls in the Corridor. It is said that these pillars will also demonstrate Lord Shiva in different Anand Tandav mudras. Apart from this, this corridor will also have different statues related to the lord Shiva, and goddess Shakti.

4) 18 thousand big saplings are being planted in the Mahakal temple corridor, which is bought from Andhra Pradesh and various other parts to engage the tourist and enhance their experience.

5) There will be a musical fountain and water screen show in Rudrasagar displaying shows related to Mahakal and Simhastha. It will help to empower the entertainment zone in the Mahakal Corridor.

6) To improve tourism, various facilities such as a food court, entertainment zone, water facility, smart ticket counters, and restrooms are developed for the visitors of the Mahakal Corridor.

7) A parking area with a 180-car capacity will be developed. There will also be a tourist information center, e-vehicle docking station, and hawkers’ zone.

8) To maintain the water level in Rudrasagar, separate sewer pipes will be laid. This will cleanse the Rudrasagar and will stop impurities in the future.

9) On the occasion of this grand opening of the Mahakal Corridor, there will be fireworks and celebrations all around the city. Prasad and a booklet will be distributed to 5 lakh households in Ujjain.

10) This Mahakal Temple will also include the country’s first night garden.

Important Details of the Ujjain’s Mahakal Corridor

The Mahakal Corridor is developed under the PRASAD scheme that aims at developing various religious sites in India. This includes their development and promotion of religious tourism. The first phase of the Mahakal Corridor project has almost reached its completion, which includes Mahakal Path, Mahakal Vatika, and development around Mahakal Pond.

The second phase of this corridor will include Maharaj Wada, Mahakal Gate, and old route, Rudrasagar, Hari Phatak bridge, Ramghat facade, musical fountain in Rudrasagar, Begum Bagh Road, emergency entry and exit of Mahakal temple will be developed. It is said that by 2028, all this work will be completed.

Aimed to transform into one of the biggest corridors, the Ujjain Mahakal Temple Corridor would be developed to include a 900-meter-long corridor. This corridor will have all the facilities for tourists from all around the world, such as a theme park, a heritage mall, and E-transport facilities. This corridor will also connect water from the Shipra River to Rudra Sagar Lake. This project will bring back the town’s glory which is famous for its religious importance. 

Two lanes will be developed to connect the Mahakal corridor and the Temple. One for devotees who wish to undertake the journey on foot and the other for e-rickshaws. It is said that this is one of the most important historic events in the last 1000 years. The big gate of the Mahakal path has been built near Triveni Sangrahalaya. With celebrations around, this Mahakal Corridor will attract a large number of tourists and promote tourism in India. People are eager to see the developing Mahakal Corridor and are looking forward to how they transform the new India under PM Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

This project will play a big role in the development of various religious sites in India and attract lots of travel to India from the world which will eventually help the economy. So, let’s wait for the big day to be marked in Indian history. 

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