WhatsApp Font Tricks That Everyone Should Know!

WhatsApp was introduced in 2009. WhatsApp aimed to develop an app for sharing text messages and images within seconds. They then decided to add a few more features to make it simple and attractive for their users. According to the survey, more than 90% of smartphone users prefer to use it for communication purposes. To send a good morning message or important news that has to be passed around the office circle or to clear a doubt. We can do everything by using WhatsApp messenger.

But do you know some unique features in WhatsApp to change fonts? Every message has a reason. Sometimes, the messages sent must be professional enough to impress clients or higher officials, messages sent must convey all the information that we think. Adding some signs of changing the font or the entire text according to the need has been made easy.

Symbols are used to make your text bold and italic.

This kind of font style can be used to highlight headings or essential messages. To show some differences between the standard texts, these fonts can be used. By adding the asterisk symbol (*) at the front and back of the word, anyone can make their text bold. For example, if you want to make the word smarter bold in the line, “Raja is smarter than Jai,” then add the asterisk symbol at the front and back of the word *smarter*. The final text will be like this “Smarter.” To make the text italic, add an underscore (_) symbol at the front and back of that particular word or text. By adding an underscore in that word, anyone can make the text Italic. By using these small WhatsApp font tricks, you can highlight the important text in your message.

Combining all the options in the same text

WhatsApp has some unique features that can be used when there is a need for it! It is possible to combine all the styles in the same word or text by adding! All the symbols are in the same word. If there is a need to make the word “Instagram” bold, italic, and mono space, then add all the symbols on the front and back sides of that particular word or even a sentence. Example- *~_ Instagram_~* by selecting the options one after the other, you can utilize these options correctly.

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Changing the font size

WhatsApp has offered some default font sizes, and if the font size is not suitable for you, you can change the setting in WhatsApp. This option is available in WhatsApp by default. By clicking the three-dotted icon that is available in WhatsApp. A list of options will be visible to you to select the chat option, then select the font size; the page will appear to select the preferred size.

Strike-through message

This option can be used to correct the existing message. By adding this option, anyone can strike the message, which is used to denote the corrections required in a sentence. By adding a tilde option in the front and back side of the word or a sentence to make the text stricken. Fonts for WhatsApp are available by default.

The bottom line

We have seen some basic WhatsApp Font Tricks which are available on WhatsApp. Other than this, anyone can download some applications that are available in the play store. These applications are used to send your text colorfully or express messages through emojis. Third-party applications are not advisable to download on your smartphone because they can make your mobile slow and cause trouble.

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