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Welcome to the Blog Forest website, here we provide the platforms for new writers to show off their writing skills. On The Blog Forest, we allow writers to write content under their name and our readers will get a chance to enjoy your writing.

We aim to provide something to everyone so we want to take care of our readers and our writers. Where our readers will get the fresh, unique, and informative content to read our writers will get a place to publish their creativity.

We don’t support plagiarized, spammy and adult content that’s why we have decided to select our writers carefully so that we won’t miss out the genuine and creative writers.

So to become a writer on our website. Kindly follow the below-mentioned terms: 

  1. Content should be original and unique. 
  2. Plagiarized, spammy, promotional, and adult content will be removed from the website and the writer will be banned on an immediate basis. 
  3. Content can be on any topic but it should be clear and informative. 
  4. Content should be more than 1000 words. 
  5. Try to go to unique and trendy topics. 
  6. Email us your writing samples along with your professional information.  
  7. Every month minimum of 3 postings is mandatory to keep your account active; continuous three months of inactivity will lead to account suspensions. 

The Blog Forest offers a place to the writers to showoff their writing skills to the world.

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